Hot Springs in a Bottle


Blue Star Organics’ Black Mica Water is a simple yet revolutionary way to detoxify your water and your body – without drinking disgusting cleanses, buying expensive purification filters, or using harmful bleaches. It’s a little-known secret used in Japan with 100% success that:

  • Purifies your drinking water naturally, and restores its natural healing properties and amazing health benefits…
  • Removes fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, harsh chemicals, insidious bacteria, and other pollutants from your water…
  • Converts your tap water (and even your bottled water, which is “dead” water) into the best water on this planet by infusing it with life-giving and health-promoting minerals…

Blue Star Organics’ Black Mica Water is not only 100% safe for human consumption, but it is extremely beneficial to your health. It removes pollutants from your body as it nourishes you with essential minerals.

Developed by Dr. Asao Shimanishi over 40 years ago, using a proprietary process under the trademark Themarox®, Black Mica Water has been tried, tested and found to be true.

 In layman’s terms ionization means “absorbed”, but also “electrically charged”. Our body works on bioelectricity, every organ has its own unique bioelectric wavelength.  Black Mica Water delivers minerals in an ionized state.

It is in this ionized, or electrolyte form that water is purified through a defined chemical process known as: Coagulation (2) Flocculation (3) Precipitation and (4) Deposition or Sedimentation

Artificial compounds, man-made charged particles are neutralized and converted to their inert original state, easily eliminated.

The minerals in the waters of natural hot springs are also in the ionized state. By adding Black Mica Water to baths or spas these natural healing properties may be replicated.

Black Mica Water is utilized by the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute and is indorsed by qualified professionals worldwide.

This product is truly amazing. It sounds to good to be true. Try it yourself, test it, watch it purify the water right before your eyes. My personal experiance of over a year has been phenomenal. I love it and use it constantly.

There is no other product out there on the market today that can even come close in comparison to what Blue Star Organics’ Black Mica Water does. It will transform your life, bringing you better health and vitality.

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