About Black Mica Water


Black Mica Water is extracted from the rarest, most mineral rich Biotite/Black Mica volcanic deposit in Japan. A proprietary acid sulfate process is used to extract elements from the Black Mica and make them 100% bio-available (absorbable to organisms). This bio-available rteaiMlblack mica is known as Themarox, or Black Mica Water.

The Mountains in Japan are one of the known pure resources of Black Mica, (*and yes it is still pure and tested to be completely pure even after Fukoshima!) A local (US) source has also been found for future use.

Mica is the precursor to the formation of all the best mineral formations,including zeolites, fulvic acid, and sea salt. Black Mica Water/themarox is much more miraculous and powerful then these other mineral formations however, with many more possible uses,  for example, zeolites do not give us the ability to create perfectly clean mineral water almost instantaneously!









Here is a picture of  hexagonal water molecule clusters.  These are what clusters of water molecules look like after Black Mica Water is introduced to water.  The hexa-oxide salts within Black Mica Water, explode into the water and separates the bad stuff that does not belong and restructures the rest of the water molecules into a high frequency, six-sided cluster. This six-sided cluster is much more easily absorbed by our cells and has the proper electricity and activated oxygen that our cells need to stay charged and function properly.

Black Mica Water utilizes one of the most powerful forces in nature, magnetism. The magnetic force of Black Mica Water attracts contaminants, gathering them together into larger sized particulates that are heavier than water, causing them to sink to the bottom. Before your eyes, you can see soluble, invisible contaminants become insoluble, visible contaminants. With this ability, muddy water can now be made clear. Black Mica Water’s magnetic power to draw out pollutants makes it extremely versatile.


What is lurking in your water? If it is chlorine or bacteria, it will be ameliorated. No need to know what the substance is, Black Mica Water is there to fight the battle. And while the minerals are clumping these impurities together, they are also activating the oxygen within the water. What does oxygenated water mean? That it is ready to go to work in your body to provide oxygen for you.

Black Mica Water will win-out over any filtration device, ionizer/alkalizer, or mineral product out there in a comparison. Black Mica Water is much more effective as well as less expensive that investing in fancy water purifiers. When you consider that one 32 oz. bottle can transform 270 gallons of water into the most perfect drinking water, and keep it clean for 8 months, then you realize how economical it really is! If you do the math, one 32 oz bottle can last for a year or more for the drinking water of one person. So one person can have perfectly clean structured water for over a year for only $150! Furthermore, you can easily transport it and have clean water no matter where you are and what your water source is!

The Black Mica Water minerals are in an ionic state and alive with bio-electrical charge vital for life and health. If minerals are not in the correct form, they can build to toxic levels in the body’s tissues and joints. What form of minerals does the body absorb and use most readily and efficiently? Ionic minerals! Unfortunately, many studies have shown that our food and water do not provide us with the necessary minerals. Black Mica Water turns all minerals in water into the perfect ionic state for living organisms. Sulfate ionic minerals are also known to support enzymatic functions throughout the body.

Black Mica Water is a proprietary extraction of minerals from pure Black Mica volcanic rock. The result is a liquified para-magnetic sulfate mineral compound that is completely natural and safe and purifies water in the same way that nature does.

Many famous mineral springs known for their healing abilities contain sulfate minerals from silicate compounds. Our minerals are extracted in sulfate form from a silicate caged mineral known as biotite. Biotite is known for its many healing properties in natural homeopathic medicine, as well as metaphysical medicine in awakening one’s consciousness.

Black Mica Water perfectly structures the water into hexagonal micro-cluster formations, increases the oxygen content, and removes unhealthy “hard” inorganic minerals, microorganisms, and toxins that are bad for you right before your eyes.  There is seemingly no toxin or problem that Black Mica Water cannot remove or handle, including things like radiation and hexavalent chromium… All of this, and it creates a the most amazing level of hydration and most refreshing mineral-water possible.



The Water Problem and How to Rectify It

The Problem:

Most if not all of our water supply is contaminated and unsuitable for drinking. Moreso, water used in agriculture (which gets into our fruits and veggies). Even 1000’s of kilometers away from human life, traces of chemicals and pharmaceuticals where found, and 80% of fish had a sex change, and became female.

Contaminants in our water supply (worldwide):

  • Heavy Metals
  • Trace Pharmaceuticals
  • Petro- chemicals
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites
  • Disinfectants

Water is depleted from:

  • Minerals (the Real nutrition our body craves)
  • Structure (charge and form of molecules such that water is absorbed into our cells)
  • Available Oxygen

The Solution:

We MUST clean our water and re-mineralize it. Even bottled spring water has contaminants in it. Water and minerals are symbiotic,. They work together to supply true hydration to the body where all biological functions are optimized. 

​What is Black Mica Water:
Black Mica Water is an electrolytic water purification solution consisting of concentrated mineral salts and purified water.

What it does:
Black Mica Water purifies water making it safe and healthy for you and your family. Its unique formulation neutralizes over 250 contaminants allowing them to be filtered out of your water, without the use of chemicals or other synthetic substances. Without pre-treating your water with Black Mica Water, the majority of these contaminants could pass right through a filter and into your water.

Black Mica Water allows you to create high-quality, ultra-pure drinking water so you don’t have to worry about where your water comes from or what could be lurking in it.


  • Neutralizes over 250 contaminants including pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, disinfectants, disinfection byproducts, and microorganisms to a concentration less than or equal to NSF/EPA permissible standards.
  • Neutralizes chlorine and flouride which are in most municipal water supplies.
  • Unnecessary elements are bound and eliminated thus creating equilibrium within the water
  • Purify, Microcluster, Structure and Optimize any water by simply adding Black Mica Water
  • Provides a full spectrum of elements in soluble form (~100)
  • Activates oxygen in the water
  • Improves taste by neutralizing up to 100% of contaminants that affect taste like chlorine. Contains trace quantities of natural electrolytes (minerals) like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium which help enhance flavor.
  • Aids filtration by neutralizing contaminants that would ordinarily pass through most water filters.
  • Eco-friendly alternative to chlorine and other chemical-based water treatments; will never create harmful byproducts.
  • Easy to use. Simply add the recommended amount of solution to your water prior to filtration.
  • 5+ year shelf life. Great for water storage.
  • S. manufactured to comply with GMP standards.
  • Tested according to NSF and EPA standards (when applicable).


Use Black Mica Water to purify water for all of your needs:

  • Drinking – for your family and pets
  • Making beverages – coffee, tea, juice, etc.
  • Washing Foods – fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Cooking – pasta, soup, etc.
  • Watering Plants – indoor and outdoor
  • Creating oxygenated structured, mineralized water

Add 5 – 10 drops to 8 ounces of water and stir, or 1 teaspoon per gallon of water and shake well.